Stanley LED Torch Watch is the ugliest watch ever

I have seen some ugly watches in my day and I have owned a few. In my defense, most of the really ugly watches I have owned where when I was young. I once got a massive calculator watch out of a gumball machine when I was eight. I wore it for months before I broke it. It was huge, ugly, and infinitely better looking that this weird watch from Stanley.

The Stanley LED Torch Watch is on a yellow and black band that secures to the wrist with a Velcro strap. It looks like something that your carpenter would wear while crawling around in the attic. It has an alarm, backlight, timer, and a LED flashlight.

The face of the watch is 60mm x 35mm x 22mm and it sells for $58. The flashlight is not removable; presumably, you shine it around by pointing your hand Spider Man style. Ladies if your man orders one of these, kick him in his boy parts.