Stanford finds scientific reasons why more men play video games than women

Abby McVay - May 29, 2008

Stanford decided to do a study to try to delve into the reason more men get addicted to video games than women and have come up with what they think is a suitable reason. It turns out that the part of the brain the generates those warm mushy rewarding feelings is more activated in men than it is for women while playing video games.

Now, being a female gamer it did make me grumble a little seeing research that was trying to say that something was different in female brains that pulls them away from video games. It just seemed to stereotype too much, but being the gaming minority I can get a little huffy over such things. However, I immediately cheered up once I made one small extremely humorous connection. Basically the study is in many ways saying that men respond to rewards or treats more heavily than women in the video games.

Perhaps next they will compare that reward part of the brain to that of a golden retriever and see what happens then. Honestly, I’m not saying that men are dogs, its just extremely funny that after reading through their report that is exactly the way it ended up sounding. What’s worse is the game they used to test this theory out. They had 11 men and 11 women click on as many little balls as they could with every ball they clicked they gained space in their virtual room by it shifting the wall over and men did better on this. Alright, so let me get this straight, they had them fetch balls. Don’t look at me either, I didn’t say that men have the brain of a dog, it was Stanford, go beat them up.

[via newlaunches]

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