Stamp.y Digital Camera Lets You Stamp Your Pictures Into the World

In today's world, images are usually stored on some digital format or another. Just the way things have changed over time. It's definitely not a bad thing, but it does make us wish we could sit around with the family and go through some old-school photobooks. While the Stamp.y won't help you do that, at least not in the sense we mean, we do have to give the designer credit for doing something remarkably original.

The designer's name is Jinhee Kim, and he's created a digital camera that will allow you to actually stamp out the image, and then share it that way. And yes, like a traditional stamp that you put into an ink pad. The lens sits at the top of the handle, and the shutter button is housed in the body of the stamp kit. You simply snap the photo, remove the back, and then put the required amount of ink onto the stamp. You'll then be able to stamp it wherever a stamp can be applied.

It may not get picked up for mainstream photographers, but there's definitely markets out there for something like this. Especially if the design elements can be applied to the camera/ink pad itself, then we can definitely see customers picking up a few of them for their collection. Besides, taking photos with a digital camera and then actually stamping them onto something would be pretty interesting.

[via Yanko Design]