Stake out your children from the stove

Perhaps years of being warned by the media of the "Paedophile Menace" has made me overly twitchy, but when UK kitchen retailers brand their latest high-tech intrusion into the room of food a "kiddy cam" then I start to wonder who exactly is peeping at your children. 

Still, I suppose as ideas go it's topical – remote monitoring of your kids (or "distance parenting" as I like to snidely put it) is all the rage at the moment, proving that there's nothing like being a mommy or a daddy with a cool G&T in hand and the ability to flick between Junior and Desperate Housewives at the flick of a remote control.

The wireless cameras integrate with a 10.2-inch flip-down TFT screen that also shows TV and can tune in to FM and AM radio.  Range is up to 30m, and for the privilege they'll charge you £629 ($1,235)

Magnet [via Shiny Shiny]