Stadia recap: YouTube Premium bundle, Destiny 2 changes, new website features

It's a big week for gaming and most of the news and attention is focused on the new PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. That's not to say other gaming platforms are taking a backseat. In fact, Google's Stadia is having a grand week as well, with promos and new games to distract non-console gamers. Going beyond the games themselves, Stadia is also updating the service to be more personal and social, just like other major gaming platforms.

As mentioned before, one of the benefits of owning multiple properties, sometimes not directly related, is that the company can offer bundles that sweeten the pot. Following the expansion of a three-month free Stadia subscription for Google One customers, YouTube Premium subscribers are now also getting a gaming treat. Users in the US and UK are being offered free Stadia Premiere Edition bundles that normally cost $100, demonstrating how aggressive Google has suddenly become in making sure Stadia can be found anywhere its products and services are as well.

But what is a game streaming service without a good selection of games, right? This week sees the addition of new titles to the library, including Family Feud Decades, Just Dance 2021, and the new Destiny 2: Beyond Light update. One rather sad news is that Destiny 2: The Collection is leaving Stadia Pro but gamers still have until November 19 to grab it for free and keep it. After that date, you'll have to buy the game separately.

Video gaming isn't really a solitary activity, at least not anymore, and many platforms offer features that give gaming a more social flair, from gamer profiles to chats. Stadia Source reports both these are slowly rolling out to Google Stadia and the latter will even include voice chat in video captures.

Game streaming has become the industry's buzzword of late, though it has definitely been pushed to the background with the launch of the new generation of consoles. Google's campaign to push Stadia into people's consciousness almost feels like its way of pushing back. That said, there still remains some uncertainty from game developers and publishers in investing in this platform considering how Google has repeatedly axed products even after such aggressive marketing.