Stadia on the Web finally gets a Search bar

Although there are still linger doubts over its long-term survival and profitability, game streaming service Stadia remains in operation. Those doubts mostly stem from Google, notorious for suddenly pulling the plug out of products, even popular ones that people pay for. As a Google product that utilizes the Internet, Stadia is also expected to have some staples that made Google a household name that it is today. However, it is only now that Stadia is gaining a way to search for what's available in its collection and the irony isn't lost on the Internet.

Google is the king of search, of course, and it has become the primary thing people know about it, even if they don't know about Android, Google Drive, and other mainstream Google products. In most cases, Google's products are in fact defined by how they prioritized searching for things over organizing them. In the case of Stadia, however, that was definitely not the case.

More than a year after it first launched, Stadia is now proudly announcing that a search bar is coming to its website. This would make it easier to find games and it isn't lying. Previously, you'd have to go through page after page of games to see if what you want is there or, maybe, use a search engine that can answer that for you.

That isn't the only improvement that Stadia is rolling out. The Web UI is also gaining the ability to sort games to your liking, or at least according to Stadia's preset options. Android users will also be able to browse Stadia for Web on a mobile Web browser rather than being stuck with using the app only, which should make it easier to search for games because the app still doesn't have that search function yet. Finally, Stadia is also getting an Activity Feed to make the platform feel more social and more alive.

While these new features are definitely much-needed, they're also long overdue. The fact that it took Google this long to implement basic functionality is being used by the Internet as evidence of how Stadia may be on a steady road towards being canceled.