Stadia adds DOOM 64 to roster, puts NBA 2K20 on sale with a catch

JC Torres - May 13, 2020, 7:23 am CDT
Stadia adds DOOM 64 to roster, puts NBA 2K20 on sale with a catch

Perhaps to assure subscribers and industry watchers, Google Stadia has seemingly doubled its efforts to bring new titles and features to the game streaming platform exactly when people need virtual worlds to escape into even for a short while. Its list of supported titles is slowly growing as is its list of supported devices and features across those devices. Stadia’s report this week brings some good news to different kinds of gamers with the addition of yet another incarnation of DOOM. But while it is putting some games on sale, at least one title is sparking a small bit of controversy over the price.

First thing’s first, DOOM 64 is now available from the Stadia Store. A sequel to Doom II, this game was first launched on the Nintendo 64 console, hence the name, before being remastered for other platforms. Now it can be yours to stream for $4.99 but those who bought DOOM Eternal on or before April 3 will get it for free.

If you’re not the demon-slaying FPS gaming type, Stadia is holding a sale on some of its titles. Those include several editions of NBA 2K20 and The Crew 2 as well as Mortal Kombat 11. Discounts range from as little as 50% to a whopping 75% and are available for both Pro subscribers and everyone else.

The NBA 2K20 discount, however, is proving to be a tad controversial for a rather curious reason. While the US price for NBA 2K20 is currently at $19.80 due to a 67% discount, that same game in Europe is getting knocked down to a little below 3 EUR or 2.5 GBP, depending on the location. That isn’t a mistake, according to 9to5Google, as Stadia confirmed that those markets are getting a 90% discount on the latest basketball game.

It is definitely an odd arrangement that might not sit well with gamers in the US. It does bring up once again the issues of regional differences in pricing and availability, something you’d presume would be irrelevant in a game streaming service.

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