StabCam is a GoPro stabilizer for the camera's own mounts

GoPro's little action cameras, like most other action cameras, are small and lightweight, which is convenient in many filming scenarios, but comes with a downside: keeping the camera steady while recording is difficult, and footage is often shaky. There are many stabilizers on the market that try to mitigate that, but some of them are too inconvenient for most action camera-users' needs. StabCam differs from them, however, being designed specifically for the GoPro and any of the camera's own mounts.

StabCam is designed to work with the GoPro regardless of which version you have; it tracks a subject automatically, and gets its power from a swappable battery that'll give two hours of 3-axis stabilization.

Because it works with the GoPro's mounts rather than the camera itself, it can go just about anywhere that the camera itself goes, whether that is being mounted on top of your helmet or on the end of a monopod. Likewise, it is designed to withstand the elements, so rain won't put a damper on the recording process.

When paired with a smartphone, and assuming the smartphone is in the user's pocket, the stabilizer will track the user (by tracking the phone's position). This allows someone to record his or herself or a different subject when they're moving around. In the near future, the product will be appearing on Kickstarter alongside a $179 USD pledge rate.

SOURCE: Gizmag