SSDs get internal backup power with Maxwell BOOSTCAP ultracapacitors

The SSD is slowly replacing the traditional HDD in many devices on the technology market. The SSD still commands a price premium that keeps it in only the higher-end notebook and desktop segment in the consumer market, but in the enterprise market, the SSD is more popular.

These enterprise markets like the SSD for the faster data transfer speed and for the lower power consumption. No moving parts also means that the drives can last longer between failures. Maxwell Technologies has announced that its BOOSTCAP ultracapacitors are now being integrated into SSDs for the enterprise environment.

This is actually pretty cool; the BOOSTCAP capacitors are sort of like an internal battery back up for SSDS. If the power goes out during a write operation, the SSD is able to finish its work so no data is lost. The capacitors are small enough that the form factor of the SSD doesn't change.