SSD drives not so hot after all - told you they weren't worth the money

From a single manager they have seen 20% of their notebook returned on average, and 30% of their SSD equipped notebooks. Not all of those are for failures, but about 20% of those SSD equipped notebooks are being returned due solely to SSD drive failures.

The other 10% is because the customers aren't seeing the real-world speed enhancements which are really only found when the seek time of the drive is put to the test. No word whether the failure is coming in the memory chips or in the controller chips in the drives, they also aren't giving up who this manufacturer is, who the manufacturer of the SSD drives is, or really any of the details that would allow us to point a finger.

One little statistic they did add in is that a mere 2% of standard HDD based notebooks have been returned due to drive failure. Some other facts that we do know is that Samsung is the most prolific manufacturer of SSD drives and Dell/Alienware, Apple, and Lenovo are the 3 most likely candidates for having enough info regarding SSD drives in notebooks to be able to form a report of the likes that this info is based off of, so which one is it?

[via electronista]