Squeezebox Wireless Music Streamer reviewed

In a somewhat topical move given the fact that Logitech have just bought Slim Devices, The Gadgeteer reviews the Squeezebox, the latest evolution of Slim's networked music streaming hardware.  Sadly without any sort of dancing monkey, the device nonetheless allows wired (10/100 ethernet) or wireless (802.11g) connections to a PC or Mac acting as media store, presenting a clean and tidy interface in your lounge, study or library via the bright monochrome display and bundled remote control.

Julie walks us through unboxing, setting up and playing with the Squeezebox, finally deciding that although DRM-encrypted music from the iTunes store refuses to play, it's still an excellent addition to your home entertainment system.  It'll be interesting to see whether Logitech, already having some wireless streaming equipment in their range, starts to incorporate Slim Device's technology, or allows it to continue as a seperate entity.

Slim Devices Squeezebox review [The Gadgeteer]