Square threatens legal action against mPowa

Mobile payment leader Square has issued a cease and desist letter to mPowa, one of the newest players in the emerging market of turning smartphones and tablets into portable credit card terminals. But the details aren't exactly what you'd expect. Square doesn't care about mPowa's technology; it cares about the picture mPowa is using in its promotional messaging.

As you can see in the image, as posted on TechCrunch, there are some pretty distinct similarities. "The copying of Square's image is clear and obvious. Indeed, it appears that mPowa's infringement is intentional and deliberate, and that mPowa's attempt at imitation may extend to other key Square intellectual property, including the Square Website and Square's trademarks and trade dress," the company said.

However, mPowa doesn't agree. The company's CEO Dan Wagner said, "We think this is a petty attempt to divert our focus from trying to capture a meaningful share of the mobile POS market. It won't deter us from our focus, and everything contained in the legal missive is completely unfounded." We'll see what happens. The mobile payment landscape is certainly interesting these days.

[via TechCrunch]