Square Enix wants simultaneous worldwide releases

One of the pains about being a gamer is waiting for a title that has been out in another country for months. Sure, it takes time to localize games, I get that, but with some games taking more than a year to get from Japan to Europe is just ridiculous. Square Enix certainly isn't winning any awards for shortest time between launches in Japan and the rest of the world, but they understand that it is an issue, and they're working on it.

While I'm sure they know that gamers get upset as they watch others play a game they cannot even purchase, they attributed their new push to higher profits. I can certainly see them increasing sales by switching to simultaneous worldwide releases.

I really don't see this actually happening any time soon though. I don't doubt that Square Enix wants this to happen, it's just that it's going to take a lot of extra work to push these games out at the same time across the globe. I'm just glad to see that they're working on it.

[via Kotaku]