Square Enix producer confirms Final Fantasy X re-release is not a remake

Final Fantasy X is regarded as one of the most pivotal entries in the storied Final Fantasy franchise, and it will be making a return on the PS3 and the PlayStation Vita in a graphically enhanced, HD re-release. Until now, though, there remained some confusion on whether or not it might be a remake with new or expanded content.

Those questions have been put to rest, though, as Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto has confirmed that it will only be an "HD remaster." This is what most gamers had expected. After all, there is decreasing hope of a full-fledged remake of any recent Final Fantasy title after Square Enix has continously refused to reinvision the penultimate Final Fantasy VII on a modern-generation platform.

There does remain one question, though – will the Final Fantasy X re-release be based on the American version of the game, or Final Fantasy X International, which included an "Expert" gameplay mode and increased the customization and flexibility of play. This special version was never released in North America, so if the PS3/Vita relaunch uses the International edition as the base game, we could be looking at new content for American gamers. There is still not much information released about the project, and we have heard nothing about a release date.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]