Spycatcher sunglasses - For trendy spies

These days oversized sunglasses seem to be popular among the ladies. I personally like to see some of a girl's face when I look at her, rather than bug-eyed glasses, but whatever floats their boat. Next time you see a girl wearing a pair of these giant sunglasses, be cautious of what you say and do, she might be recording everything.

Spycatcher has just released a pair of sunglasses that have a built-in wireless camera. The camera transmits data to a pocketed PVR which then stores the video on removable SD cards. It records in either NTSC or PAL with resolutions of 510x492 and 500x582 respectively. While that's not the greatest resolution in the world, it's not bad for being tucked inside a pair of sunglasses.

I'm sure that every single pair of these will get to good use catching thieves and other wrong-doers. So if you're a good Samaritan, or you just like to record people without their knowledge or consent you can pick up a pair for $1,400.

Video Recording Sunglasses With Personal PVR [via ohgizmo]