Sputnik Watch up for preorder at bargain $40

Chris Davies - Jun 8, 2010
Sputnik Watch up for preorder at bargain $40

Usually if we’re looking for a distinctive watch we head straight over to Tokyoflash, but Kibardindesign’s Sputnik Watch is interesting enough to divert our attention.  Original a mere concept, it seems strong interest has encouraged the company to produce it, and it’s currently up for preorder at a bargain $40.

That gets you a simple ABS plastic casing finished in either black, white, silver or one of “16 bright colors” and an LCD display that’s inverted to give it the milky, floating character appearance.  According to designer Vadim Kibardin, Sputnik is currently in “manufacture and pre-sales preparation”, and if you’re interested in buying one yourself you can contact them via this form.

[via OhGizmo!]

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