Sproutling's smart baby monitor is a wearable for infants

We've seen wearables for kids, but Sproutling has gone one step farther and created a similar product for infants. The wearable is part of the company's smart baby monitor, and is essentially a health tracker with an app that alerts parents if something seems off.

Your average baby monitor is merely a radio device that lets you hear when your infant is making noise. The Sproutling smart baby monitor takes it up a step, but rather than using video or something similar to earn its "smart" designation, it works as a wearable and a smartphone app.

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The band is placed on the infant's ankle region, where it begins collecting data similar to what you'd get with a fitness or health tracker. Things like heart rate and sleep pattern are monitored, and the averages are saved.

If these patterns change, that would indicate that something atypical is up, and parents will be alerted to the change. If the baby gets a fever for example, parents will get an alert about the large change in skin temperature. Beyond this, the related Sproutling app will let parents see predictions about the infant's mood and things like when he or she might awaken.

The smart baby monitor (which includes the wearable) is priced at $259 USD, and is currently available for pre-order. Shipping starts in March.

SOURCE: Mashable