Sprout Watches are green and biodegradable

If you are the sort that only buys things that are green and biodegradable this is the watch for you. The watch is called the Sprout Eco-Friendly Timepiece. There are several different watch styles to choose from and they all share the same green specifications. The watches use a bamboo face and the cloth bands are made from organic cotton.

The plastic parts of the watch are made from a corn-based material that will break down in a compost environment in a year to nothing but carbon dioxide and water left. However, the corn resin is as durable as any synthetic plastic in use. The watch is 80% eco-friendly in the small size and the larger size is 86% eco-friendly.

Watches from the firm that use diamonds are certified conflict free and all mother of pearl used comes from non-endangered species. The organic cotton is grown with no pesticides. The mineral crystal glass can be recycled and the battery used is mercury free. The watches are available now and range in price up to about $75.