Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond leaves much to be desired, according to WSJ

Brenda Barron - Sep 3, 2008, 9:20pm CDT
Sprint’s HTC Touch Diamond leaves much to be desired, according to WSJ

The Wall Street Journal’s review of the Sprint HTC Touch Diamond came out today and it’s more of a knock of Windows Mobile than the phone itself. And as HTC attempted to cover up the OS’s lesser liked features, it succeeds in some regard, but mostly falls short.

The biggest complaint was the device’s inability to disguise Windows Mobile’s flaws as well as some other company’s software. The TouchFLO 3D software and touch screen are nice and rather attractive, it’s simply not enough. Windows Mobile menus constantly interrupt the sleek interface. For instance, the mail program opens with a preview function that incorporates clever animation. But if you wish to open the mail client, it’s the standard Windows Mobile email program.

The touch capabilities were also a bit “sticky.” However, the device itself is nice to look at and is smaller than the BlackBerry and the iPhone. The Diamond’s browser is based on Opera and opens websites in such a way so that they reformat specifically for the phone. It also has an accelerometer called a G-Sensor, which had a tendency to get stuck when flipping from horizontal to vertical, delay for about 3 seconds or not flip at all.

All in all, the WSJ feels the HTC Touch Diamond makes a valiant effort, but it falls short of covering up all that Windows Mobile lacks.

[via The Mossberg Solution at All Things Digital]

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