Sprint rebuttals – Customers let go were looking for a free ride

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 11, 2007

Remember that piece we did the other day about Sprint cutting off customers that were calling in too much? We already heard some arguments from the customers’ point of view, now Sprint has responded to the ordeal.

So how many calls is too many? Customers that called more than 90 times in a six month period were axed, so that’s like calling once every other day. Wow, people actually call that much? I can’t stand to talk to customer service reps any more than I have to.

Apparently these customers were calling in as often as they could, demanding that they be given credit on their account. Sprint felt that these customers were simply trying to scam them into giving them a free ride. They cited that they did not cut off customers that simply had legit customer service disputes looking for a few credits here and there, in fact they stated that some of these hadn’t paid for their service since 2005 and were still calling in.

So it looks like things may have gotten blown out of proportion. Like I said before, I’ve always been treated fairly by Sprint’s customer service, so it’s no surprise to me that these 1,000 or so customers were really just out for a free lunch. Were some of these unjust? Perhaps. But you’d think that if they were going to cut off people that had good reasons for calling, they’d drop more than just 1,000 people.

Sprint Customers Terminated For Complaining Too Much Were Scamming Sprint For Free Service [via consumerist]

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