Sprint Palm Pixi gets WiFi transplant from Pre Plus [Video]

The absence of WiFi from Sprint's Palm Pixi was all the more galling when Verizon's version, the Pixi Plus, went on sale with its extra shot of wireless.  One owner, PreCentral forum member gitit20, decided that the original Pixi was ripe for a shot of DIY modding, and so he's transplanted the wireless card from a Verizon Palm Pre Plus into his Pixi and got the whole thing running.Video demo after the cut

That's because the two handsets are virtually identical, beyond the absence of WiFi in the Pixi, and so after a quick backup (since all the user data is stored on the wireless card's memory chip) and running the Sprint webOS doctor the handset is up and running as if it had WiFi all along.  The only omission is Sprint Navigation, with Verizon's version replacing it (and not working on the Sprint network, obviously), but we reckon most Pixi owners would rather have WiFi than the app.

[via PreCentral]