Sprint: OMG! We're Keeping Unlimited Data! Don't Leave!

Let's face it; the only thing keeping a bunch of subscribers from vacating Sprint in droves is the fact that the carrier is still offering unlimited data. Not too long ago Sprint announced that it was putting a cap on the data plan for its hotspots. The cap Sprint put on hotspot data usage was 5GB with some very steep overage fees if you wanted to use more. I would wager a bunch of subscribers saw the unlimited data use on the hotspots changing to capped use as a bit of writing on the wall.

Apparently, the carrier fears that graffiti will cause subscriber exodus and has confirmed that it will be keeping the unlimited data on its smartphone plans. The real question to me is the same as it has always been, is unlimited data enough to keep customers on a network that is not as good as competitors offerings in some areas. There is a big reason why customers are leaving Sprint in droves and that is the lack of a significant stable of appealing devices on the network and the fact that in many areas the network leaves something to be desired.

Sprint bet the house on its WiMax network reaching critical mass ahead of LTE networks and that never happened. LTE is rolling out already and WiMax never made the wide availability that Sprint hoped for making its 4G potential shaky at best. The carrier has been rumored to be trying to buy Clearwire out so it can own the whole WiMax enchilada. This week I reported that Dish was considering purchasing Sprint or Clearwire and that deal would make some sense for Dish Network. It wants to bundle services to customers and the ability to offer voice and wireless broadband for subscribers would be a good thing.

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