Dish Considering Sprint Or Clearwire Acquisition

Sprint and Clearwire are not doing well and neither is their partnerships to bring WiMax 4G service to the masses. Sprint was said to be in talks with Clearwire in August to possibly buy Clearwire out. Since then nothing has happened between the two companies. A new report has surfaced from Dish Network CEO Joseph Clayton that says that Dish may be looking to buy out or partner with Clearwire or Sprint.

The move would make sense for Dish Network as the firm has long sought to bundle both wireless phone coverage and satellite broadband internet services for its customers. A purchase of either or both Sprint and Clearwire would help Dish to provide more service to more people. Bloomberg reports that Dish has been looking for a wireless partner to take advantage of the spectrum it landed in deals for DBSD North America Inc and Terrestar Networks earlier this year.

Dish has also reportedly filed for government permission to offer mobile high-speed web access to customers. The filing was last month reports Bloomberg. If the government approves the wireless request by Dish, it would be able to start building out its network. Sprint has long struggled and a sale to Dish may be just what investors need.

[via Bloomberg]