Sprint Is Quietly Selling the Treo 700wx at Palm Retail Store

Gadgetsonthego.net just confirmed that the Palm Retail Store in LA is indeed selling the Sprint Treo 700wx! They don't take orders over the phone, so if you absolutely must have the Windows version of the Treo, then either book a flight or beg someone you know in LA to get one for you. The price is $649.00.Palm Retail Store The Grove

West Los Angeles, CA 323.692.0600

In other news, CrunchGear (via Shadowmite) just posted a side-by-side comparison video of the Sprint 700wx and the 700w from Verizon. They have the same connectors on the bottom; same keypad layout and the side buttons are the same. However, the 700wx is a bit more responsive and has more than double the program memory! Lastly, the mail program is missing all together.