Sprint Introduces Instant Google Voice Integration on All CDMA Phones [video]

At this second Sprint event, the focus was definitely Google Voice. In their initial presentation, Sprint noted Google's one number, online voicemail, transcriptions, custom greetings, international calling, and recording of calls. One single voicemail on one single number, all of this accessible in the cloud on the web. Integration with SMS, a brand new feature, and the ability to pick up a call halfway through a voicemail message being left, a feature we've not had since the old voicemail boxes of yore! Google Voice, launched just two years ago, we know to be integral to more people's lives than just our own – from the onset, this presentation was like a silent bomb.

This presentation left a completely different taste in our mouth than yesterday, today's presentation hosting less than 50 people in the audience while yesterday was 3 times that amount. Sprint customers here can use their Google Voice number without switching their number. Automatic integration. Your Sprint number IS your Google Voice number. Every feature you've had with your Google Voice number is now available instantly with your Sprint number.

[vms 64094e3906a4a0b5ece6]

First Google Voice / Sprint Integration Ad Spot

Google Voice integration will be available on ALL Sprint CDMA phones soon. Where before it took several steps for people to move from one phone to another, one carrier to another, all of that's down to only a couple of steps. All phones, not just high-end Android devices, will have this instant integration. Take a peek at the video to see the process you've got to go through to get a look at the simplicity that appears to be going on – this is a KEY move for Sprint, and an excellent step directly in the correct direction for reaching new customers and retaining the ones they've already got.

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Basic walkthrough of the process via Google Voice in-browser

This move by Sprint has a lot of potential to win them a lot of customers, especially those who've got ease of use in mind. Keeping your number has been a big deal ever since cellphones became well used around the world – with Google Voice, you've got the opportunity to take a number with you to whichever device you've got, and it does it from a browser interface, from your phone, wherever you need it. This integrated at such a base level with Sprint is not just a big deal for Sprint, it's a big deal for Google because it's another big grip on the ROOTS of mobile.