Sprint has new Unlimited Access Pack

James Allan Brady - Feb 7, 2008

Are you the texting queen? Motormouth? Or data usage champion? Well Sprint is looking out for you with their new Unlimited Access Plan.

Sure, Helio did it first, and Helio’s deal is about $20 a month cheaper, but Sprint has a broader array of devices to add the plan to. For $120 a month the only thing you could possibly get charged more for are downloads (but not the data used for the download, just the actual content), premium services (those stupid ads you see on TV all the time), and other subscription type services.

That means you get unlimited voice, unlimited texting, unlimited data, and unlimited picture mail, now, for the average user, this might not be the best deal, but for a hardcore business user or someone in the media, this is a godsend. I personally don’t use voice or texting hardly at all, but I know Vincent spreads his phone calls and texting across multiple devices and still has a hefty cell phone bill at the end of the month, too bad Sprint doesn’t have an iPhone plan or he’d probably switch.

[via PhoneMag]

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