Sprint FAQ confirms Palm Pre PictBridge and video recording “on the way”

Chris Davies - May 6, 2009, 2:56am CDT

Sprint have rounded up a few more frequently-asked questions about the Palm Pre, and funneled them into a post at their Inside Sprint Now blog.  On the table are some upfront clarifications about whether the Pre supports video recording, PictBridge wireless printing over Bluetooth and Family Locator – no, no and no – together with news that the smartphone is compatible with Office 2007.

It’s unclear whether by “compatible” they mean that the Pre will sync with Outlook 2007, or if it will ship with viewer apps for Word, Excel and other Office 2007 document types.  Also left unclear is call functionality while the Pre is connected via USB: Sprint say calls will be auto-diverted to voicemail when the Pre is in USB Mode, but we don’t yet know if that mode is automatically activated when the smartphone gets hooked up to a computer.  If it does, it could have frustrating implications for those users wanting to charge their Pre up via USB connection.

Updates for PictBridge support and video recording from the Pre’s integrated camera are “on the way”, and the handset already supports picture messaging via MMS.  Sprint’s Calltones service will also work, and you can make your own ringtones from your own music too.

[via My Pre]

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