Sprint CEO confirms HD Voice nationwide rollout starts in July

Sprint is working hard to lure more customers to its network with expanded 4G coverage and new devices. One of the ways Sprint is working on getting more customers is by offering HD Voice service. That service offers improved voice quality with a lot more clarity than normal services can offer.

Normal voice service supports four voice octaves. Sprint's HD Voice service on the other hand supports seven octaves. That means you can hear what the people you are talking to are saying more clearly and the speech will be more like talking to them in the same room.

Sprint has currently been trialing HD voice in a few markets like Kansas City. Sprint is now set to being a nationwide rollout of the HD voice service starting in July. The announcement came from CEO Dan Hesse during a keynote he delivered at a conference this week.

There is no indication of how long the rollout will take to complete. It's also unclear where the service will begin rolling out first. It would be a safe bet that major markets will be the first to get HD Voice and smaller markets will be further down the list.

SOURCE: LightReading