Sprint Announces Sprint ID, Brings Themes and App Packs to Android Devices

Evan Selleck - Oct 6, 2010, 3:26pm CDT
Sprint Announces Sprint ID, Brings Themes and App Packs to Android Devices

Sprint’s managed to grab some time over at the CTIA event happening today, and they’ve gone ahead and unveiled three brand new Android-based handsets. While the details are still going through the “unveiling” part, the main gist is that Sprint seems to be pushing Android, almost as much as Verizon, and they’re even announcing a whole new way for users to enjoy their phones: Sprint ID. It’s not only a way for customers to find applications in packs that are tailored to their tastes, but also a way to experience new themes.

The handsets, while perhaps not the main takeaway of the announcement itself, are indeed still important. The Samsung Transform is bringing another landscape QWERTY keyboard to the mix, while the Sanyo Zio is a device that we’ve seen available here in the States under the Cricket banner for a little while now. The LG Optimus S is the first handset here in the States to sport the Optimus brand name. All three devices are going to be Sprint ID ready.

The main pull is Sprint’s ID Pack, which will allow customers to have a brand new way to customize their devices. The idea behind the Sprint ID Pack is a way for customers to download packs of applications, based on your particular interest. If you like ESPN, there’s an ID for that, which you can download and install onto your phone. Once you do, and you add it to a certain homescreen, then that homescreen actually becomes themed. It’s a whole new means of customization, and will show off your particular interests, in a theme and app packages, in a whole new way. And, if you’re wanting a Spanish variation of an application, Latin America Company will be supplying app packages with Spanish language support.

As far as partners go, Sprint has announced that they will be working with ESPN, Disney, Oprah, Amazon, StubHub, E! Entertainment, and the Home Shopping Network to bring Sprint ID Packs to these new devices. Information is still coming through the pipe, so stay tuned. Check out the video below of Sprint ID in action.

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