Sprint 4G Case for iPad Available at Best Buy

Apparently, Sprint wants you to know that the iPad works with their 3G/4G Overdrive mobile hotspot. And, why should they stop at the iPhone, right? And, while commercials are all well and good, the next logical step is obviously creating an accessory for your Overdrive mobile hotspot, and Apple's iPad. We're wondering if AT&T, the carrier that's supporting the 3G iPad, is going to start showing this kind of support for the tablet, or if Sprint will continue to lead the way.

Sprint has made official the 4G Case, which is obviously designed for the Apple iPad. And, their product placement page goes as far as to actually show the iPad turned on and in the case proper. But, most importantly, it's got a nice little pocket right there on the front face, with that WiFi symbol embroidered for good measure, where your Overdrive tucks perfectly into place.

You can actually get the case for free with the purchase of an Overdrive right now, from a participating Best Buy. That list includes 13 participating states: Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. So, if you're not in any of those places, you probably shouldn't bother. So, anyone out there going to hop down to their Best Buy and get your brand new iPad accessory?

[via Sprint]