Spring Ace by Samsung reviewed

James Allan Brady - Feb 18, 2008

Look at the glory that is the Sprint Ace, really it’s just a BlackJack that looks a little different and uses CDMA and EVDO instead of whatever AT&T uses. Sure, I know, it looks a little different too, and that kind of makes since, they have managed to fit all the same features in a slightly smaller package with a slightly larger screen (2.3 inches compared to the BlackJack’s 2.25).

You also get access to the 1xRTT network and GPRS when roaming. As you can see, it has a QWERTY keyboard; there is also Bluetooth 2.0, PUSH email support, and some decent international features such as international roaming wherever Sprint has agreements, or the ability to swap out the SIM card where they don’t.

The screen is not touchscreen, but has a respectable 320×240 resolution with 65k colors, so it should be sufficient for watching TV or videos on. There is also a microSD card slot, a 1.3MP camera, and the usual combination power/audio port that Samsung uses on a lot of their devices. Overall it’s a pretty nice phone, and at $200 after 2-year contract and all applicable rebates, its worth getting if you’ve been looking for something like this, word of warning though, it is available now everywhere except retail stores, so, don’t run down to the store if you want one, you are either going to have to wait until March when they hit retail stores or order online or by phone. As always, for more pics and a video click through the via link.

[via PhoneMag]

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