SprayPainter turns you into a graffiti artist

If you like the idea of painting graffiti style art in your home or office, but lack the artistic skills to make that happen on your own the SprayPainter is for you. SprayPainter is an accessory that clips to a can of spray paint and makes it sort of like a dot matrix printer from back in the day. Using dots of spray, the device is able to create any work of art you want.

Small blasts of paint are released and build up to create an image pixel by pixel from the attachment that controls the nozzle. A smartphone is used to convert and send images to the SprayPainter attachment. The smartphone camera is also used to track the position of the nozzle at all times so the SprayPainter knows when to release the paint.

The reason a smartphone is used instead of internal sensors is cost. The gang behind SprayPainter wants the device to be as inexpensive as possible. Just how inexpensive they are aiming we don't know, but we may find out next month.

The people behind the product hope to launch a funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the money to bring the device to market. Along with the hardware to make the painting happen will come a community where designs can be shared or sold.

SOURCE: Gizmodo