Spotlight in iOS 8 will find apps, media, and give directions

Nate Swanner - Jun 2, 2014
Spotlight in iOS 8 will find apps, media, and give directions

Users of iPhones and/or iPads are getting a neat new feature in iOS 8, as Spotlight gets a few new features that bring a more contextual feel. Complimenting Siri, Spotlight can now find things you didn’t even know you wanted, or maybe things you did but weren’t sure how to find. On your device or elsewhere, Spotlight will be a go-to source.

Spotlight now finds apps in the App Store, so a search from your home screen can provide a link to the App Store. That’s a fun feature for those times you’re not sure if that cool new app you heard about is available for iPad as well as iPhone — just search on your iPad to find out!

You can also search for media like music or movies, and Spotlight will tell you if it’s ready for streaming from iTunes, or even download. For movies, Spotlight will also tell you if/when the feature is playing around town.

Search for a place near you, and Spotlight will provide directions. You can even search for topical issues, and Spotlight will give you news updates. No need to open up an app for quick-hit topics anymore.

In many ways, Spotlight is a lot more like Google Now, becoming a bit more contextual and easy to use. We’re still here at WWDC, bringing you all the Apple news and updates. Be sure to check our Apple portal for all the goings on; today, all week, and beyond.

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