Spotify's new Daily Wellness mix has motivational podcasts and music

Spotify wants to help you stay mentally healthy during the coronavirus quarantine with the launch of its new Daily Wellness mix. Unlike most of the playlists on its service, the Daily Wellness mix contains both podcasts and music, ones that are relaxing, positive, motivational, and other similar positive things. To keep things fresh, Spotify is updating the mix twice a day.

If you're spending most of your time at home, there's a good chance you're feeling a bit trapped, potentially depressed or lacking in motivation. Self-care is the practice of helping keep your mood and lifestyle in the positive, something that can involve anything from taking time to relax to meditation, engaging with positive media, and more.

Daily Wellness is, as its name suggests, a mix that combines relaxing and positive music and podcasts for both your morning and evening, the two times of the day that Spotify says it will refresh the mix with new content. Spotify says that subscribers and users can find 'hours' worth of content in the daily mix.

Though the content will vary based on the day and what is curated, Spotify offers examples of the kind of content you can expect, including things like Yoga Girl Daily, Daily Quote, The Slowdown, Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra, and more. These podcasts cover things like poetry, meditation, inspirational quotes, and more.

As you probably expect, the morning content will be more uplifting, designed to get you up and moving around. The evening refresh will bring more chill, mindful content designed to help listeners unwind from the day and destress in time for bed. Both free and premium subscribers have access to Daily Wellness.