Spotify Wear OS app will soon support offline listening

It wasn't just a big day for Samsung when it announced its new foldable phones. It was also a big day for Wear OS fans now that they have what might be a better option in the smartwatch market. The Galaxy Watch 4 marks a new chapter in the Wear OS story, one that could reinvigorate Google's wearable platform. It seems that other app developers are also on board with that renaissance, with Spotify taking the lead with a much-awaited download feature.

Some might find the idea of playing music from their smartwatches to be a bit odd. It is definitely not the norm, but the functionality comes in handy when doing activities that require leaving the phone at home or at a distance. Running and exercise easily come to mind, but there might be other scenarios where you'd wish you had your favorite music or podcasts available on your smartwatch, too.

That might not be a problem if the smartwatch has its own Internet connection or if the music was stored locally on the wearable's meager storage. That might not apply to music from streaming services, however, but Spotify is fortunately ready with a fix.

An upcoming update will finally let users download Spotify content to their Wear OS smartwatches for offline playback. You don't even need to do it from your smartphone and can start downloading right from your smartwatch. And it isn't just music, either, as the offline listening feature also covers Spotify podcasts.

The usual account restrictions apply, though, and only Premium Spotify subscribers can take full advantage of offline listening. Free users are still limited to Shuffle Mode streaming with an Internet connection, but they can actually download podcasts as well. The update will be available in the coming weeks and will arrive on all supported Wear OS smartwatches, but, of course, Spotify is taking the opportunity to advertise the new Galaxy Watch 4 series as well.