Spotify uses music to find your inner Star Wars character

Disney is going all out with the Star Wars promotions, and latest on that bandwagon is Spotify. Whether you're a subscriber or a guest, the music streaming service will use a little bit of magic to pair you with your best matched Star Wars character. The process works best if you have a listening history on Spotify, but those who don't use the service can select some artists to help Spotify "guide your alignment."

Head over the Spotify Star Wars website and you'll be given two options: "Find Your Match," which requires you to sign into Spotify or created an account, or "Continue as guest," which presents the squares you see below. Select five of the artists, or refresh until you see some you like.

The matches are a little bit...strange. Don't expect too much logic. Spotify does break down the percentages of your match results, but it's more for fun than any serious consideration of personality.

Picking bands like "My Chemical Romance" and "Breaking Benjamin," for example, resulted in an Anakin Skywalker match. Choosing Bon Jovi and The Mamas and The Papas got us Padme, who apparently skews toward "power pop." A mix match like Beyonce and Iron Maiden resulted in Emperor Palpatine.

SOURCE: Spotify