Spotify US Launch To Be Invite-Only?

The much hyped European music streaming service, Spotify, is making its US debut this week after months of wrangling deals with US record label companies. If you've been hearing about all the love for Spotify overseas and are anxious to hop on board, you may be a little disappointed when Spotify does launch because it could be by invitation only.

Spotify is believed to be launching this week but insider sources have revealed to Mashable that the company could be implementing a "slow launch." Instead of opening up the service to everyone, it will go the invitation-only route, giving existing members a certain number of invites to distribute to friends.

This type of introduction helps to fuel demand as it creates an air of exclusivity and we've seen its effectiveness with many product launches in the past, including the recent Google+. Are you excited for the Spotify launch?

[via Mashable]