Spotify Unlimited and invite-free Open options added

Chris Davies - May 18, 2010

Streaming music service Spotify has updated its range of subscription options with two new tiers, slotting in-between the existing free, ad-supported offering and the “Premium” pay-monthly package.  Spotify Open offers limited free use of the service to would-be users who can’t score an invite, including up to 20hrs of music per month.  Meanwhile Spotify Unlimited offers all the ad-free access to the Spotify catalog that the Premium package does, but lacks the mobile device support and offline playback.

Spotify Unlimited is priced at €5/£4.99 per month, half the price of Spotify Premium.  All four of the tiers offer the social networking integration Spotify recently announced, which allows users to connect up networks like Facebook to their playlists as well as import local audio and intermix those tracks with streamed music.  More details in the comparison chart below.

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