Spotify takes on iTunes with iPod management, download bundles, more [Video]

Streaming music service Spotify has launched its biggest assault on iTunes to date, with the addition of iPod management functionality. Plug in an iPod classic, nano or shuffle and Spotify will list it in the new "Devices" section of the updated software: you can then sync across your existing MP3s as well as buy MP3s through Spotify's refreshed download service. Meanwhile there's mobile iOS and Android news for free Spotify users wanting to take their tracks on the go.

The download service – which had previously offered MP3s on a track-by-track basis – now puts more emphasis on playlist purchases. Spotify now allows you to purchase and download an entire playlist with one click, with MP3 bundles that, the company says, push individual track pricing down to as little as 50p ($0.82) per track. You can buy 10 tracks for £7.99/€9.99 (working out to 80p/€1 a track), 15 tracks for £9.99/€12.99 (67p/€0.87 per track), 40 tracks for £25/€30 (63p/€0.75) or 100 tracks for £50/€60 (50p/€0.60).

As for mobile users without premium subscriptions, as of today the Spotify Mobile app for iOS and Android will now allow them to wirelessly sync their MP3 playlists from their computer to their phone. It'll also work with the iPod touch. They won't get Spotify streaming support for the whole catalog, mind:

"Free and Open users can use our mobile app for all MP3s they would like to sync, both songs bought in Spotify and songs on their computer that they've purchased from before. If you're missing MP3s in your Spotify playlist that you would like to sync to your iPod you can easily complete it by purchasing missing songs in one easy step in Spotify, before syncing." Spotify

The update will be rolling out to users from today, and is expected to take a couple of days. Of course it's also limited to certain European countries, since Spotify hasn't finalized its US launch. More details in the video below.