Spotify 'Storyline' feature lets artists share the stories behind their music

Spotify is the latest company to get on the Stories bandwagon, though its own take on the feature doesn't come with the same name. Using the 'Storyline' feature, which is now being tested, artists are able to provide the stories and other info behind the music they offer on the streaming platform, such as the details behind a particular song or what inspired certain lyrics.

"Stories" features like the ones offered by Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram enable users to provide images and other info they don't want to publish on their primary timeline. Spotify's Storyline is different — it's not meant for the users, though it will improve the experience for music fans who like details on the albums they listen to.

According to TechCrunch, Storyline works in a way similar to Stories, enabling users to tap their way through the information provided by artists. This is in contrast to Spotify's existing 'Behind the Lyrics' offering, which is card-based and gets its information from a third-party source called Genius.

The obvious benefit to Storyline in contrast to Behind the Lyrics is that the information comes straight from the source (the artist), which should cut down on inaccuracies. The new feature includes the name "Storyline" in the upper left corner of the story, as well as a horizontal bar that gives users a preview of how many swipes are left in the Storyline.

The feature is currently being tested in the United States and some other markets with mobile users on both Android and iOS. It's unclear how many people are seeing the Storyline feature; users with access to the stories will get an in-app alert that lets them know about the addition.