Spotify Stations is finally available in the US

Way back in January 2018, Spotify rolled out an interesting little app called Stations. What is essentially Spotify's answer to Pandora, Stations attempts to get you listening to music right away by creating a number of different radio stations based around your music tastes. No creating and managing playlists, no searching your library for a specific album needed.

It sounded pretty cool at the time, but the problem was that Spotify only launched it in Australia as something of a small-scale test. Now, nearly a year and a half after it first appeared, Spotify Stations has come to the US on both iOS and Android.

If you've ever used Pandora before (or even Spotify's artist radio feature), then you likely already understand how Stations works. When you first launch Stations and log into your Spotify account, you'll be greeted with a few pre-made stations to start listening to right away. If none of those fit the musical itch you're looking to scratch, you also have the option of creating new stations centered around one or multiple artists.

If you've got a free Spotify account, you'll encounter ads as you listen, and you won't be able to skip songs that come up. You will be able to rate songs you hear, though, so you can somewhat curate your stations that way. Paid subscribers, on the other hand, can skip as many songs as they want and won't hear any ads as they listen.

The interface for Spotify Stations is pretty simple and easy to navigate, so if you're looking to dive into music without much of a hassle, it's definitely an app worth checking out. You can grab it from either the iOS App Store [download] or the Google Play Store [download] beginning today.