Spotify Radio relaunched with unlimited play

Spotify has relaunched Spotify Radio, offering unlimited playback with a free account along with as many track-skips as you like. The updated streaming music service allows listeners to pick any initial artist and then creates a custom radio station of similar tracks, with no subscription account required. If you don't love the current track, you can skip it as many times as you choose.

Similarly, listeners can also create as many artist radio stations as they like, with no demands to pay. Songs can be saved to playlists for later listening, and of course shared using Spotify's usual social networking integration such as posting an update about the track to your Facebook wall.

Beginning a new radio station is as straightforward as clicking "Start Artist Radio" in the artist's profile, or alternatively dragging a seed track to the "Radio" option in the sidebar. After that, Spotify's algorithms do the rest.

The updated Spotify Radio service is part of the company's recent push to be more than just a music jukebox. Earlier this month, the Spotify Platform – complete with apps – was released, integrating song lyrics, concert search, ticket purchase and more into the core experience; check out our hands-on report here. Spotify Radio will begin rolling out over the next few days.