Spotify plays Cupid

Online dating websites can be a tricky thing, involving complex algorithms and picky individuals. Spotify is jumping into the online matchmaking arena with a little twist, introductng two new apps for the streaming music service. Tastebuds matches you with a potential love interest based on the music that you listen to, while Fellody lets you drag and drop Spotify playlists to search for people with similar tastes.

Both apps integrate seamlessly, with Sten Garmark, Director of Spotify, explaning the rationale behind the apps: "Your taste in music is one of the most common topics of conversation when meeting someone, whether they are a date or just a new friend, and it's hugely important to have compatible tastes. Harmony on Spotify might just be a great way to find new friends or start a new relationship!" has been around for a couple of years, with Spotify happy to roll the service onto its own platform thanks to the success. The company says that 43% of first messages are responded to, higher than the typical rate associated with non-music based dating websites. Fellody first launched with Spotify in Germany, then expanded internationally, with users from across 70 countries using the service.

Both apps are available to try right now from Spotify, but you'll have to register new accounts with each service to be able to get in on the action and find that special someone.