Spotify Party lets you match music with mood

I'll admit that I'm not the best person to make a playlist for a party. Sure, I can come up with a mix CD for someone in particular, but I suck at party music. I tend to rely on my Pandora stations for that, but even those can miss the mark pretty often in a group setting. Thankfully, Spotify has a new feature that will help people like me.

Spotify is launching a series of "perfectly-mixed" playlists that are meant to compliment any party situation. Each of the stations features music that has been specifically beat-matched, so that your music flows perfectly from one track to the next, and doesn't have any of those awkward slow songs following something with a good beat.

There are a variety of playlists for every occasion, but there's something more tucked within each of them. Rather than just sticking to the music playing and skipping tracks as necessary, you can change the "mood" of the music. Thanks to a slider, you can fade in music that's a bit more upbeat, or even slow it down to match the feel of the party.

Spotify Party is rolling out today on both Android and iOS. They didn't mention when we might see it on the desktop versions of their app, but I'm sure that it will also show up there, soon.

Source: Spotify