Spotify: One Direction's 'Drag Me Down' breaks record

There are four types of Spotify artists: those who never see any plays at all, those who enjoy moderate-but-could-be-better plays, those who enjoy tons of streaming but complain about it, and those who get tons of plays and are apparently perfectly content. One Direction, it seems, falls into the latter group, as it hasn't pulled its music from the streaming service in a fit of huffiness and it has broken the streaming service's latest one-day streaming record. Such is the good life.

Spotify announced the new record on its Twitter account today, saying in a tweet that "@onedirection just obliterated our one-day streaming record with the release of their new song, "Drag Me Down." Wondering what a record-breaking song sounds like? Spotify has you covered.

Breaking a Spotify record is quickly becoming a badge of honor, one that is being bestowed more frequently upon artists as the streaming service's subscribers continues to grow. This particular record was for the most plays in a single day, but that's not the only category Spotify monitors.

Back in March, for example, Kendrick Lamar broke the then-record for the most single-day streams globally with the release of his To Pimp a Butterfly. That record itself bested the previous record holder — Drake — who boasted 17.3 million streams in three days. It isn't clear how many times the new One Direction song was streamed.