Spotify offers free Premium service to Tesla S owners

When Pandora acquired and shut down Rdio's streaming service, the move naturally upset a fair number of its users. Most upset were likely the Tesla owners, who had enjoyed the integrated service in their cars. With Rdio out, who might they turn to for their music streaming needs?

If you see one of your biggest competitors gobble up a smaller one and shut down their service, what do you do? Well, if you're Spotify, you step up and offer some free stuff to the customers who might be upset. That's right, Spotify has announced today that all previous and future Tesla Model S owners will have access to Spotify Premium in their cars.

There are a couple of catches to this deal, however. The first, and biggest is that at least initially, the offer is only good for those in Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia. That's right, US Tesla Model S owners aren't included. The other catch is that if you have a Spotify account, you'll only experience premium service in your car. You'll still need to pay $10 a month if you want to have ad-free listening elsewhere.

I think that this is a genius move on Spotify's part. While Pandora only acquired Rdio's technologies, it makes Spotify look really good when they swoop in and offer free premium service like this. Plus, they're bound to pick up a fair number of subscriptions from people who enjoy the premium service in their cars.