Spotify now lets users add individual podcast episodes to library

Spotify has added a new feature that gives podcast fans more control over the content they enjoy the most. Called 'Your Episodes,' the aptly named feature enables users to save individual podcast episodes to a special library, making it easier to find specific audio features that caught their eye even if they don't subscribe to the show.

As demonstrated in its tweet below, the Your Episodes feature adds a + icon on individual podcast episodes. When clicked, this will add the episode to 'Your Library,' where you'll be able to find the podcasts listed in their own section. You'll need to swipe over from Music to Podcasts, then click 'Your Episodes' to find the individually saved content.

The big benefit here is that you don't need to subscribe to a show — this means if a show you don't usually listen to has a special guest who catches your eye, for example, you'll be able to easily find it later on.

This is a solid addition for Spotify, making it more capable of competing with some of the more established podcast apps on the market. Spotify has heavily pushed its podcast offerings, going so far as to acquire big producers and launch exclusive shows.

Offering the controls and other features users have come to expect will make Spotify more appealing as one's main podcast app, something that would likely encourage users to check out the platform's various exclusive audio shows. The platform already offers a number of features, including offline download support, the ability to automatically save new episodes from saved podcasts, and recommendations.