Spotify lures in students with Premium perk

As the on-demand music streaming industry grows and competition with it (rumors that Apple may be among that competition surfaced last week), Spotify is looking to draw in a larger number of listeners to its Premium subscription service, doing so with a big perk: slashed rates for students.

The move is a simple one, and could work well for the service: Premium subscriptions for students are now priced at $4.99 USD, rather than the $10 that is typically charged. This applies only for students living in the United States and attending college.

The subscription will get students a year of Premium service, no extra requirements needed for the lower sticker price. Premium service, of course, eschews advertisements, and allows for use across several devices, with offline listening being possible, among other things.

The rate will be applied once the subscriber is verified through SheerID, which means cheapskates won't qualify by plugging a .edu email address into the details. In addition, the pricing option is limited in supply, so it is possible not all students who sign up for it will get the discounted rate.