Spotify lifts five play limit in certain European countries

Ben Kersey - Mar 29, 2012, 8:36am CDT
Spotify lifts five play limit in certain European countries

If you don’t want to spring for Spotify Premium, $4.99 for unlimited desktop access and $9.99 to add mobile capabilities, you’re stuck with the free version. With that option you have to put up with commercials playing between songs, as well as the dreaded five play limit on songs. Spotify has revealed that they plan to lift this limit for certain European countries, although U.K and U.S users will still be saddled with the restriction for now.

Spotify has managed to negotiate with the various music companies involved to lift the limit in five European countries. Users in Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain listening thanks to the free option will be able to listen to specific tracks as many times as they want.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t extend to the U.K or France. Spotify says that its “agreements with the labels differ from market to market. We’re working hard to bring these improvements to the entire service.” The 10-hour per month listening limit is still in place across free accounts, regardless of country.

Spotify believes that an “unrivalled free music tier is fundamental” to their success, as well as “becoming the best music service on the planet.” The company will have to continue negotiating with the record labels in individual countries in order to bring the same level of freedom too all of its free users. Spotify hope, however, that certain restrictions will make users consider upgrading to Premium accounts.

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