Spotify launches Release Radar, a playlist dedicated to new music

If you consider yourself something of a music aficionado, then you know that keeping up with new releases isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. The music industry is constantly releasing new albums at a ridiculous rate, making it easy to miss a few gems in a sea of new music. Spotify is rolling out another curated playlist that might help with some of those new release blues, introducing the world to Release Radar today.

Release Radar seems to be a companion playlist to the already-existing New Music Friday. Whereas New Music Friday is meant to introduce you to new artists you may have never heard of, Release Radar is a playlist that will populate with new songs from artists you listen to the most. Release Radar will update every Friday with releases from the previous few weeks, and Spotify says each playlist should give one or two hours of playtime.

Release Radar doesn't just include new music from your most followed artists, as Spotify will also use your listening habits to find a handful of tracks you may not have heard before and drop them into the mix. Spotify says that Release Radar will evolve as you listen more, presumably becoming better at predicting which artists you're most interested in. You'll also be able to share your version of Release Radar with friends or download it for offline listening.

If it hasn't already appeared yet, Release Radar should soon be available in the "New Releases for You" section of the "Discover" menu when you access Spotify on desktop or mobile. Release Radar is just the latest curated playlist Spotify is offering up to users, and between it and New Music Friday, it sounds like the company is trying to make sure its users have enough new music as they head off into the weekend – something we're sure at least a few of the service's 100 million active listeners will like.